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How do I get the Pdf's?

August 15th 2013: Hello listeners, I have posted a new entry in the 'Copenhagencast method' section. It is all yours to enjoy!

Kram fra Louise 

Listen first. Then read the Pdf. This is the best way of learning, because spoken Danish differs a lot from the written language.

Learn Danish online

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Download Create a space for your break through 25-05-2011 (28.97 MB)

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Create a space for your break through

  • Create a space for your break through
  • Learn Danish online with Pdf lesson notes.

    When will I start speaking Danish spontaneously? Many listeners ask me this question. In this very relaxed episode I share my own experience as a language learner. There's hope for all of us, but we must create some space. Episode date 2011 02 13